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Assessing corporate clients’ climate transition plans
This session will help non-executive directors of financial institutions understand how such institutions can assess their clients’ climate transition plans. There is a strong consensus that this is a fundamental next step for Financial Institutions with Net Zero targets and many have already started to develop such capabilities. At present, however, the level of information disclosed by clients is not sufficient to properly conduct such assessments, and there is still lack of clarity on what is considered adequate to get client companies alined with Net Zero. This seminar will debate how financial institutions can proactively engage with clients to enhance transparency on transition plans, how they can gauge the adequacy of such plans, and what are the key tools and the related challenges.

This event will be hosted by Francesca Tondi Guy,  former banker, and non-executive Director and ESG Committee Chair of UniCredit Group and of Piraeus Bank, and moderated by Alice Bordini-Staten Investment Committee Member, Stewardship Lead - National Trust and Managing Director - GLC Advisors Ltd , with expert contributors.
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